Idly Rice

Welcome to Sri Sri Varalakshmi Modern Rice Mill, Idly Rice offered by us is known to have small uniform size grains that assure easy batter preparation. It is known to be extremely delicious and help in preparing soft idlies. This rice has been grown in completely organic conditions without use of any chemical pesticide. It is rich in proteins with significant amount of dietary minerals. Idly Rice provided by is unpolished and possesses mouthwatering taste with irresistible aroma. It is also free from genetically modified organisms and is easily digestible in nature. This rice is admired for having good nutritional value.Shouldn’t idli rice and bubbled rice be something very similar? However, when you go to any Indian stores you will discover 2 particular items – idli rice sold independently and bubbled rice sold independently. Is there a distinction? Let us discover.Parboiled rice or Idli rice will be rice that has been bubbled in the husk. Parboiling makes it simpler to handle rice by hand, improves its nourishing profile and changes its surface, parboiled rice drive supplements, particularly thiamine from the wheat to grain, so that parboiled rice is healthfully equivalent to brown rice. The parboiling cycle itself, anyway its over 2000 years of age.